SAP sales and distribution

SAP Sales and Distribution Module – SAP SD Module

What does SAP SD mean?

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module of SAP ERP consisting of commercial processes required for the sale, shipment and billing of a product. This module is closely integrated with SAP MM&SAP PP. The main sub-modules of SAP SD are customer and supplier baseline data, sales, delivery, billing, pricing and credit management.

Sales and Distribution

SAP’s SD modules address the management of all transactions from enquiries, proposals, quotes, pricing, and more. The Sales and Distribution module is an important tool for controlling and managing inventory. The SAP Sales and Distribution module includes tombstone data, system configuration and transactions. Some of the sub-elements of the SAP SD module are Master Data, Sales Support, Sales, Shipping and Transportation, Invoicing, Credit Management, Sales Information System, etc.

Features of SAP SD module

Important features in the SAP SD module include:

  • Rates & taxes: It helps you evaluate the price of goods and services under various conditions such as rebate or rebate, which is awarded to a customer.
  • Availability Check: Check product availability in an organization’s warehouse.
  • Billing & Invoice: Helps you to generate bills or invoices.
  • Material Determination:
  • Helps you determine the details of the materials according to a certain requirement.
  • Credit Management: This is an approach to managing customer credit limits. It can be represented in two different ways simple credit verification and automated credit verification.
  • Account Determination: Assists you in determining customer details based on a particular type of condition.

Key features of SAP SD.

The SAP SD module is the most essential ERP module that SAP has developed. It contributes to better data management and customer selling and distribution processes in organizations.

Important components of the SAP Sales & Distribution module include:

  • Master Data
  • Sales
  • Shipping of Material
  • Billing-Related
  • Sales support
  • Transportation of products
  • Foreign Trade
Sub modules of Sales and Distribution

Advantages of SAP Sales and Distribution – SAP SD Software

Here are the advantages of SAP SD:

  • Follow up on business transactions.
  • Follow sales data and team performance.
  • Record the process before/after the sale.
  • Defined process for sales and delivery.
  • Helps you categorize various sales & processes.
  • Efficient management of sales records within a specific system.

SAP Sales and Distribution Module Overview

  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module that includes the business processes involved in selling, shipping, invoicing a product, etc.
  • 1) Pricing & Taxation, 2) Checking Availability, 3) Billing & Invoicing, 4) Determining Equipment, 5) Credit Management is an important feature of SAP SD.
  • Master Data, 2) Sales, 3) Shipping of Material, 4) Billing-Related, 5) Sales support, 6) Transportation of products, 7) International trade is a major element of SAP SD.
  • Master data helps you track each transaction in the data.
  • SAP SD sales help you manage every detail of every sale that goes on.
  • The SAP billing module tracks all billing information in an appropriate manner.
  • The SAP SD Shipping Module allows you to save the whole process from shipping to delivery or return.
  • The SAP SD transport module enables you to track all transport data.
  • The SAP SD Sales Support module stores and transmits data between the sales team and customers.
  • SAP SD foreign trade helps you manage data, which is linked with foreign trade.
  • SAP SD helps you track commercial transactions and the performance of your team.

SAP Sales and Distribution Module – SAP SD Overview

SAP Sales and Distribution Module – SAP SD Overview